I founded Historic Sports Art, LLC on February 14th, 2022 after working the past 2 years with my good friend Gabriel C. Browning.  Gabe is a very talented Artist and I call him ” The Genius “ 

My GOAL is to make Gabriel C Browning famous and a household name around the world of art, and of course ” Historic Sports Art ” as I design the paintings, then brainstorm back and forth with The Genius Gabe. Once the design is finished and he puts his mind to it – he will paint a masterpiece in 1-10 days. Gabe painted the Tom Brady rookie card in 1 day and the last two masterpieces, Boston Legends ( 7 days ) NY Yankees 27 Championships ( 7 days ). We hope to keep painting Historic Sports Art of many Legends and team statistics and data and their Championships. Please follow me on youtube and tweet me at @DickyKeane and order some prints and also donate to help us create many more Historic Sports Art.